My First D1 College Visit to Georgia Southern and From Western Kentucky

Recently, I was invited to visit Georgia Southern who is moving to the Sunbelt conference.  It was a great experience!  I was impressed with their academic programs they have put in place for athletes.  They require a specific amount of time spent with your counselors and educational mentors each day.  This will have a great impact on how I produce in the classroom in a very positive way.  Their team is winning and have sent many players to the NFL.  This is encouraging.  He was impressed with my verified 4.41 speed and size.  I was impressed with their campus, educational approach, and their 6 national championships.  They know I am raw but said I am really fast and good.  They will be coming to visit in December.   He told me to make sure we stay in the playoffs.  It feels good to know that a coach believes in me even though I have only been playing for a short while.  I noticed that I am a close match in size to their current corner who is expected to be in the NFL next season.  After my visit, I noticed they viewed 4 videos on my personal website the following week.  They watched my 1 On 1 Catch 3 USA Football Mini Camp, my 4.41 Forty at University of South Carolina Football CampShane Queen, Head Coach of North Cobb High School (4 times) and my Sideline Drill with Coach Steve Spurrier, Jr.  Click on any one of those titles to view them.

I hope the Sunbelt Conference is ready for my speed because “Bell Isle” could be coming there next fall.

I was called out of my class to sit down and speak with a Western Kentucky coach during his visit to our school.  He stayed and watched me play. I was impressed with the coach.  My coach made him aware of the call he received from the University of Michigan after attending their camp.  He was very impressed with me.  He asked me a lot of football IQ questions in addition to wanting to know about my skill.  I did not give up a catch in the game he watched.  I believe they are moving to the C-USA conference in 2014.  I wouldn’t mind keeping the receivers in the C-USA at bay next season.

My NCSA profile has been viewed by over 96 coaches in this past 30 days.  UTEP leads the views with 5 views, then Boise State and UAB each viewed 4 times, Kent State, Eastern ILL, University of MD  and UMass each viewed 3 times and the list of those who viewed 2 times is too long to mention.  I have spoken to many of you and look forward to seeing you all in the future.

I would like to welcome those coaches and schools who are following me on NCSA: Memphis, UMASS, Mississippi State, North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC State, Idaho, TCU and Eastern Ill.  Thank you for your interest in my success on the field.

We are in the playoffs so you still have time to come watch me play.

To see my 2013 Regular Season Highlight, click here.  Feel Free to comment below.