Visits From KSU

Cam Newton and Jeremy BellToday, I was visited by Kennesaw State University and Valdosta State University.  Both colleges said that I am much bigger than I looked on my highlight videos.  They both noticed that I stand almost 6 feet tall.  They were impressed with my overall size and long arms.  My coach, Shane Queen, pointed out that my arms are unusually long.  Then he demonstrated how long my arms are by having me extend them next to his.  He is 6’3″ and my arms are longer than his.  He said I have the arms of a player who is 6″2 or 6″3.

The KSU coach said that he will be bringing me in for an unofficial visit over the break.

Since coaches are not seeing how big I am, I decided to change all of my profile photos to the picture of me standing next to Cam Newton.  Since he is 6’6″, with a large body, you can really see my size clearly.  See the picture of me and Cam Newton below. (By the way, my school won the Cam Newton 7 on 7 Championships for Georgia while I was playing WR.